When a girl who loves coffee met ‘The Girl in The Cafe’.

Coffee is more than a drink – it’s about connecting people… – Celeste Wong

When I saw that Atkinsons at Mackie Mayor were hosting an evening workshop with blogger/barista/coffee-aficionado, Celeste Wong of The Girl in the Cafe, I knew I’d be in for a treat. As the kick off to their Caffeine Tour, specialists in ‘coffee enjoyment’ and equipment, Melitta®, offered the opportunity to take part in a Melitta® Masterclass, where Celeste would show us her home-brewing and pourover technique using their equipment.

Firstly, the evening started with ‘cupping’, which if you’ve never heard of it is the practice of smelling and tasting brewed coffees in order to explore their characteristics. Using a specialised spoon, the idea is that you sniff, slurp, aerate and then spit (or swallow!) the coffee in order to evaluate the notes and flavours. (If you are interested in trying it out, Atkinsons at Mackie Mayor hold regular cupping sessions on Sunday mornings, and as one of my favourite coffee roasters, I would highly recommend them!)


Next came the Espresso Martinis: I think you’ll find that Atkinsons’ version is pretty delicious and not too sweet (which is how I like it!) and pizzas from Honest Crust to soak up some of the caffeine.

Celeste then led a pourover workshop using Melitta® products including their bean grinder, filter cone and Gooseneck Spout Drip kettle. I tried (emphasis on tried) my hand at the process alongside Celeste but blame the Martini and a hard day at school for my heavy-handed approach. It was great to hear some of her tips including the surprising fact that the start to finish process can take only 3 minutes from bean to brew using 18-20g of coffee per person!

With our Double spout filter cone and mug set, we were practising our pourover technique all weekend with the Nyungwe beans! It’s so nice to try something a bit different and be able to really be immersed in the full coffee experience. You can buy your Filter Set starter kit here.

My favourite roasts:

Atkinsons ‘Nyungwe’ (Lancaster, Manchester) – natural. Served and sold at Atkinsons, Manchester and Lancaster. (The Music Room / The Hall)

Heart and Graft ‘Barnraiser’ (Manchester) – natural/washed. Served at The Parlour, Clitheroe.

Ancoats Warehouse City (Ancoats, Manchester) served at Siphon Espresso & Brew Bar, Rawtenstall.

Roost Espresso (Malton) – natural/washed. Served at Busk, Fishergate, York.

Has Bean El Salvador Finca la Fany (Stafford) – washed. Served at Bold Street Coffee/ Bold Street @ Santa Maluco, Liverpool.

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